So here you are wanting to find out all about me, about us!

Well a typical day of “me”…

I have my eyeballs rudely pulled apart by one of my handsome little mini me sons. My eldest Heath is the reason Stampede Accessories exists, like many many other small businesses I began creating my little “haven” whilst beginning maternity leave from my full time role in retail in 2014.

Anyway back to my day; It’s immediately all go go go as the kids NEED their breakfast straight away and I NEED to have my routine coffee (thanks hubby!!) which I try ever so much to have on the couch scrolling social media. Then there is showers, dancing, singing, fighting between the kids, lost shoes and the craziness of young ones at your feet. We wave Dad off to work and in we come ready to take on another day. Coffee in hand, snacks already smeared over my clean clothes I begin the very fine line of juggling the beauty of our two boys, cleaning the house and of course CREATING these pieces that come to you made with a bundle of love. Although I do confess most of work gets done either while kids are napping and having quiet time or after bed time but that’s the #wahmlife and I love it.

Expect no less from “us” from the moment you scroll through our website and read this story, to the moments of receiving orders, creating, stamping, photographing and getting to the post office our family has given your order the love and care it rightfully deserves. Upon receiving, opening and loving your own personalised piece I can only hope that you feel just what Stampede Accessories hoped!!

A piece of you created and handstamped by “us” for “yours” to enjoy many years ahead

We strive ourselves in using only quality metals to work with and the effort in which we have taken with our supplier choices will be known to you as soon as it’s in your hands and will ensure the years ahead will be enjoyed with your handstamped Stampede Accessories piece.  For more on the process used to create your handstamped personalisation please head on over to our FAQs page.