Personalised Handstamped Jewellery & Accessories

Created by “us” for “yours”

Don’t you just love gifting personalised pieces for those special occasions or perhaps you just love the look of handstamped jewellery and accessories for yourself. The beauty of this style of jewellery is it can be as unique as you and contain words and names that mean the most to YOU. We create pieces that you will love and that will last you year after year and with affordable prices you could even have something for ALL occasions. We use only quality products so check out our shop or contact us to arrange something custom.

Featured Products

Geo Like Metric


Our Geo Like Metric necklaces are a great addition to your range, they’re super funky, they’re totally “in” and they look absolutely amazing on!!

Available in IP Rose, IP Gold and Silver. The pendant themselves are around 50mm in width and are a lovely 2.5mm thickness. These are on an 18″ rolo chain as pictured so hang around the 18-20″ length. Please browse the photos to see one of them on to give you an idea of hang length.

Make note: The main picture used is a pic of x2 Geo Like Metric in both IP Rose and IP Gold to give an example of the colours and different ideas of what can be stamped on them, listing is ONLY for ONE necklace. These look great with family names, word, kids names, simple design stamps, lets stamp exactly what you’d like!

**Please note that the only font used on these are SMALL BLOCK font and design stamps are limited to 3mm heart and dot**

Long & Lean Necklace


These ever popular, on trend necklaces are available in IP Rose, IP Gold and Silver or a mix of and can be handstamped and personalised.

Our “Long and Lean” Necklaces are currently our BEST SELLER!! They are simple and stunning and look fantastic.

They measure approximately 50mm in length and 5mm thick making them the perfect addition and the best part is that all four sides can be handstamped with your choice of font and words. Please check out the photos as there is a limited space for lettering, if you are unsure judging by the photos if it will fit please contact us prior to ordering or pop it through and we will contact you if there are any issues. It can be hard as it is dependent on letters used and font chosen.

Out Of Stock

Personalised Baby Spoons


So, these are the BESTEST!! That’s right even worth making up a word for, we would have heard someone use that word around the place and it’s certainly needed for these babies – funky, colourful, Soft Tip Baby Spoons!

Having the metal handle means the whole handle can be personalised and handstamped with what you wish. Imagine grabbing 4 as a gift, one of each colour perhaps…. Baby “Last Name”, Little Princess, Open Wide – Grubs Up! the list is endless…. Perfect for christening gifts, naming day, new baby gifts and even first birthdays as they’re great keepsakes. You can also add dates – christening dates, birth dates. Just leave your stamping in the boxes provided.

Available in Blue, Green, Pink and Orange. The listing is for only one of the chosen coloured spoons. They feature soft tips that are perfect for those delicate little teething gums, the coloured tip will turn white when dipped in food that may be too hot for baby, top rack dishwasher safe but not for the microwave, steriliser or to be boiled. Suitable for 3+ months.

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Shout Out Loud

Rated 5.00 out of 5

These amazing pieces are so tough, well made and make such a statement to any outfit. Wear it and Shout Out Loud to all those that will be looking and complimenting! They measure approximately 85cm in length and come with a choice of base colour; IP Rose, IP Gold or Silver PLUS even the choice of necklace colour; Black Agate, White Howlite or Turquoise Howlite.

The quality of these are stunning and noticeable with the weight of them. They’re perfect just chucked on over your head or undone at the clasp and wrapped around your neck for the perfect “in” piece! These can be teamed up with a matching tassel of your choice (please note that the chosen tassel will be the same base colour as the necklace you have chosen unless otherwise stated) plus even a heart or circle pendant that can be personalised and hand stamped – you can mix and match these on and off as you please just by simply undoing the clasp.

All Shout Out Loud necklaces will be sent in a small canvas bag and CAN NOT fit in to gift boxes.

Solid Bangles

Rated 4.00 out of 5

These magical, elegant solid bangles are absolutely delightful and look the part when they are handstamped. They can be worn on their own, added to your favourite collection or check out our other wrist candy options to gather some extra “candy”.
Available in IP Rose, IP Gold and Silver and in three sizes; small, medium and large. Please read below for further information regarding the fit of them. They can be handstamped on BOTH sides and the personalisation options for these are completely endless, family quotes, saying on one side and individual names of the fam on the other side. These work great for Grandparents who have a list and a half of grandkid names as they can all be handstamped around. Check out some of our pics, plenty of inspiration.

Tag Me Up


Tag Me Up Buttercup, so I’m totally in love with these ever so versatile tag necklaces. You can quote them, name them, initial them.. absolutely anything. I love mixed font on these too as they look great with a little mismatching!

They measure approximately 45mm in length and 10mm wide making them PERFECT. Please check out the photos as there is a limited space for lettering, if you are unsure judging by the photos if it will fit please contact us prior to ordering or pop it through and we will contact you if there are any issues. It can be hard as it is dependent on letters used and font chosen.

Three Times Better

Rated 5.00 out of 5

These gorgeous necklaces are available in IP Rose, IP Gold and Silver, they can be handstamped and personalised exactly how your hearts content and perfect for all the family names.

Our “Three Times Better” Necklaces are three times the bling and three times the shine… Dress to Impress and please all the specials in your life with having their name handstamped close to you.

The largest link is 41mm in height and 38mm in width and all links are a luxurious 2.5mm thick. You can have dots or hearts spacing names between links or can leave blank, please just have your preferences in the stamping notes.

Tree For Heath


My favourite Sterling Silver piece and obviously named after our first born “Heath Rossco”, considering he started the flow of Stampede Accessories he definitely deserved a Sterling Silver piece and the tree, well that should make sense to how we came about our logo too! Perfect for handstamping with those nearest and dearest.

This sterling silver pendant measures approximately 32mm, this piece is only available to be handstamped on one side. It is important to note that the tree charm used in the middle is only silver plated and that the pendant moves freely around the jumpring meaning that over time it may show signs of scuffing on the edges.