Each letter, each design stamp is individually handstamped by me hammer and all, making each and every piece unique. No two pieces could possibly ever be the same as it just isn’t possible with the process. You will notice that letters may vary in depth, alignment and may not be perfectly straight and this is the unique trait that makes handstamping so special. Occasionally depending on the thickness of the metal of your chosen piece you will notice marks on the back of pieces and this is all classed as a trait of the process. As I state in our “About Us” all pieces are handstamped by “us” for “yours” and pieces that are stamped by these hands are not like the shiny show piece in a mirrored light up display unit, these have been handled with love and stamped with care and the process is totally notable in the personalised end result and what you consider a flaw is considered perfect to me. In fact what isn’t there to love about a personalised and unique piece?

Most people ask why use stainless steel and what is the hype about and I’m here to give you some insight. Not only is Stainless steel a very durable form of metal, it doesn’t tarnish, doesn’t corrode or flake and definitely doesn’t discolour your skin. It is very well known for its hypo allergenic properties and makes a perfect companion for those with allergies and irritations. The biggest benefit, stainless steel provides many options at affordable prices. Yay more jewellery for your buck! Please note however many allergies come from Nickel and there can be traces of up to 8% found in some pieces so please test if you have a severe allergy before wearing for prolonged periods.

Now you may ask, I see these ION (IP) Rose and ION(IP) Gold options what is the ION (IP)? So it still holds all the same hypoallergenic properties as stainless steel however to get its “Rosey” or “Golden” colouring, it goes through a plating process. The centre is stainless steel and the outside has a layer of titanium oxide (which has colour pigments in it – yep you got it, Rose and Golden). It is the process that turns the titanium oxide into electric ions that leaves you with one very hardy, durable coating that is much shinier than modern day plating techniques. It will also never tarnish or chip.

How long will the plating actually last? It all depends on how well the piece is looked after, how many chemicals is been exposed too, humidity and if it’s rubbing on other metals/surfaces. These factors can all lead to the ION plating (IP) “fading”. Please take note of care instructions to avoid this happening to any extent and remember like most plating it can show signs of wear and tear over time.

Just use the complimentary polish cloth included in your order (or extras available for purchase) to remove fingerprints and dust or to give it a quick polish. Any heavy polishes can damage your ION plated pieces so please avoid. These really are super easy to store and care for. I do also recommend it not be worn in swimming pools, spas etc to avoid possible exposure to chemicals. Note: I have customers that don’t take off their pieces at all and they’re going strong so don’t be afraid of it.
If you have pieces that connect or rub they may occur a scuffed look over time, this is purely from the movement it makes with you and won’t be seen to by us as a fault, it’s just something for you to keep in mind.

You can use the complimentary polish cloth included in your order (or extras available to purchase). You can wash your piece in warm soapy water but rinse and dry immediately to avoid water spotting. Do not soak your piece in water or silver cleaning solutions (especially if blackened lettering). Any built up tarnish can be removed by using the complimentary square pad included in your order. Tarnish occurs with sterling silver for a range of reasons and varies from person to person although disappointing it is a completely normal process. Wearing it every day may actually discourage colour change so please wear it and show it off to those around.

It all comes down to your personal preference. Natural is purely just stamped and left as is and will always be there but not super noticeable as opposed to Blackened which means I have used enamel paint in the lettering to make it stand out. Will the blackened option last? As it enamel paint that is used to get in to all the grooves of your lettering it will be a sturdy addition however as anything over time it can fade out. If this happens you are welcome to contact me and I can either offer you to return your piece for a “refresh” with just the cost of postage to be covered by you or a quick fix to freshen the blackened look at home.

Generally speaking in periods with no peak trades in place (Mothers Day, Fathers Day and of course Christmas) your order will take 1-2 weeks for the handstamping process to be complete. If for any reason this will not be achievable we will contact you and keep you in the loop with the time frame required. Just remember your shipping method will need to be factored in on top of this.

All orders are processed through Australia Post and if choosing either Regular or Express satchels tracking numbers are available. Stampede Accessories will not be held responsible for any missing mail and these issues must be dealt with via Australia Post themselves nor can we help with time frames once it leaves our hands. We can also not be held responsible for choosing untrackable options of postage, you do so at your choice completely.

All personalised handstamped pieces have been created by “us” for “yours” and for this reason we can not accept returns and no refunds or exchanges will be granted including spelling errors. It is for this reason I can not mention enough to please TRIPLE check all your spelling. Also cancellations once the handstamping process has begun can not be accepted either.
A spelling error but your order was correct – Please contact me immediately and we will work together to arrange a new piece to be posted out to you asap.
Faults or defects from general wear and tear, lack of proper care, accidental damage, neglect and misuse Stampede Accessories will not be held responsible.
As mentioned above, scuffing that occurs with your piece will not be classed as a fault of workmanship or quality of product. Please refer to our full terms and conditions.