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Always and Beyond


Infinity – Always and Beyond!! Everyone loves an infinity symbol and one that can be handstamped and personalised. AHHHH-MAZING! These will definitely be the new fav of your accessorising, I love them on a longer chain but they would also look great on a shorter chain too. What would you have stamped on your Always and Beyond?

Available in IP Rose, IP Gold and Silver with each link measuring around 46mm in length, 30mm in width and 2.5mm in thickness. Making it available for stamping on both sides.

Belle Vie


Belle Vie french for Beautiful Life and with this tree of life necklace how can life not be beautiful. Keep those that mean the most to you, close to you and do it with style. I’m all for the tree of life – just see our logo!! This is perfect for family names, quotes or even just plain… the choice is yours!

Available in IP Rose, IP Gold and Silver for both the main colour (referring to the outter washer pendant and chain colour) and the pendant colour (referring to the tree pendant). Mix and match if you like or keep both the same colour. This total size is approximately 37mm in diameter with a 2mm thickness.

Bling it Back


Bling it Back, Bling it On just BLING IT! These beautiful sparkly pieces are just the perfect amount of sparkle and can really make you shine. These washer pendants measure at 25mm and these beauty blings fit just perfectly in the centre. All in all it all works out and is perfect to be around your neck.

Available in IP Rose , IP Gold and Silver and 2.5mm in thickness. Only one side available for stamping due to the bling ring only being on the one side too.

Forever Linked


One is beautiful but TWO!! That’s Forever Linked. These are honestly just beautiful and have been a great seller for the grandparents for being able to handstamp all the grandies names. Plenty have been ordered with kids names on one ring, grandies on another or even a little family saying on one and names on the other. The two links gives you so much freedom for personalisation and really will be that special piece of jewellery.

Available in IP Rose, IP Gold and Silver with each link measuring around 30mm and 2mm in thickness. Only one side is available for stamping on these ones.

Also available as per photos is the added heart pendant, it makes a perfect area for stamping initials or a special name close to your heart. The heart pendant measures 20mm in height and 17mm in width and fits in just right with the double links. Just add it to your cart and there you have it, complete perfection.

Geo Like Metric


Our Geo Like Metric necklaces are a great addition to your range, they’re super funky, they’re totally “in” and they look absolutely amazing on!!

Available in IP Rose, IP Gold and Silver. The pendant themselves are around 50mm in width and are a lovely 2.5mm thickness. These are on an 18″ rolo chain as pictured so hang around the 18-20″ length. Please browse the photos to see one of them on to give you an idea of hang length.

Make note: The main picture used is a pic of x2 Geo Like Metric in both IP Rose and IP Gold to give an example of the colours and different ideas of what can be stamped on them, listing is ONLY for ONE necklace. These look great with family names, word, kids names, simple design stamps, lets stamp exactly what you’d like!

**Please note that the only font used on these are SMALL BLOCK font and design stamps are limited to 3mm heart and dot**

Grace Rings

from $40

Our amazing, beautiful Grace Rings are finally here and boy oh boy they don’t disappoint! These perfect rings thread straight onto a chain and measure in at 15.5mm with a hole size of 6mm and thickness of a stunning 4mm.

Font: Only available with SMALL BLOCK (pictured)



Lead The Way

$40.00 $30.00

CLEARANCE – Once SOLD they will no longer be available

They’re trendy, hot and so on point. They will help you lead the way and be the star of the party or everyday just because. Lead your life the right way by wearing one of these beauties.

They’re 24mm in height and 20mm in width and can be handstamped in any which way you wish, check out some of the pics of them stamped. Just keep in mind that although I have given font options for this one, if you want any more than a few letters it will have to be the small block font due to font and lettering limitations, please take this in to consideration when ordering. They’re sturdy and thick measuring in at 2.5mm for thickness. Available in the three solid colours; IP Rose, IP Gold and Silver they hang around the 18-20” mark when on.

Long & Lean Necklace


These ever popular, on trend necklaces are available in IP Rose, IP Gold and Silver or a mix of and can be handstamped and personalised.

Our “Long and Lean” Necklaces are currently our BEST SELLER!! They are simple and stunning and look fantastic.

They measure approximately 50mm in length and 5mm thick making them the perfect addition and the best part is that all four sides can be handstamped with your choice of font and words. Please check out the photos as there is a limited space for lettering, if you are unsure judging by the photos if it will fit please contact us prior to ordering or pop it through and we will contact you if there are any issues. It can be hard as it is dependent on letters used and font chosen.

Name It


Pretty easy here… You name it, I stamp it!

They’re just such a simple statement and really pop to the looking eye. They are approximately 50mm in length and come at perfect length, around the 18” hang mark once on. They will come attached to a rolo style chain as pictured. These are popular for having just your name on one end however length of words, positioning is all your choice so please place these specifics in the stamping notes.

Queen It Suede Wrap


These are so on point except they have a small handstamped and personalised pendant to put them ahead of the other plain ones out there. L O V E.

Only available in Black, the suede wrap measures approximately 150cm with a small 15mm sliding pendant that is a luxurious 5mm thick. As this is a sliding pendant you can slide it straight off and pop it aside if you wish to just wear the plain suede wrap. Please note that due to the weight in the pendant it won’t stay as tight as if there was no pendant – just the loving nature of the piece.

It is recommended that they’re only stamped with the small block font (which they will be stamped with by default unless otherwise stated) due to being petite however if there is something else you wish for please just let me know. Also we can’t stamp straight across the whole pendant due to the sliding hole as the stamping will make it concave in.

Sweet Glitz


The glitter, the glam, the glitz! You can have it all.. Go the sweet and glitz! When you want to be sweet and simple but you also kind of want to let you inner princess shine than you mustn’t let this one slide. Imagine chucking this on before you run out the door, through out the day you’ll capture your reflection and say what, double look and check out my necklace, you’ve got this!

Available in IP Rose, IP Gold and Silver. The offset pendant measures in at 24mm and 2.5mm in thickness. Only one side available for handstamping as the bling glitz charm is one sided.



Tag Me Up


Tag Me Up Buttercup, so I’m totally in love with these ever so versatile tag necklaces. You can quote them, name them, initial them.. absolutely anything. I love mixed font on these too as they look great with a little mismatching!

They measure approximately 45mm in length and 10mm wide making them PERFECT. Please check out the photos as there is a limited space for lettering, if you are unsure judging by the photos if it will fit please contact us prior to ordering or pop it through and we will contact you if there are any issues. It can be hard as it is dependent on letters used and font chosen.

Three Times Better


These gorgeous necklaces are available in IP Rose, IP Gold and Silver, they can be handstamped and personalised exactly how your hearts content and perfect for all the family names.

Our “Three Times Better” Necklaces are three times the bling and three times the shine… Dress to Impress and please all the specials in your life with having their name handstamped close to you.

The largest link is 41mm in height and 38mm in width and all links are a luxurious 2.5mm thick. You can have dots or hearts spacing names between links or can leave blank, please just have your preferences in the stamping notes.



YA-YA …. Why did we name it the YA-YA? Did you know there is “sisterhood” and Ya-Ya is a group of three or more women whose hearts and souls are joined together by laughter and tears shared through the glorious journey of life! Cool Huh?! What do the three hearts mean to you? As you can see from the pictured stamped necklace (which is mine! YAY! and I happen to have three kids all with 5 letters in their name so it fits beautifully!) but the point of my spill is that we are limited to characters that we can fit on these cute little hearts. I went with all lowercase Fornax font to keep it quite uniform. Longer names we could fit more characters in small block font but rest assured I will always contact you if your chosen stamping won’t fit the way you’d like it to and don’t forget to state the location of the stamping. We can go upwards, across or we can just do initals. The choice is YOURS! GO for it.

Available in IP Rose, IP Gold and Stainless Silver; total pendant length of the three hearts is 35mm long and 12mm high, each heart is approximately 12mm x 12mm. Attached to an 18″ chain.