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Extra Small Pendant


These little pendants are the perfect addition measuring in at only 15mm they’re great for stamping a name across, a name around the edging, initals and can be stamped on both sides. The best little personalisation you could ask for.

Heart Pendant


Who doesn’t love the heart … great addition as they can nice fit names on the side of them, through the middle of them. Can add design stamps in with them or leave them looking pretty simple which also looks great. They measure 20mm in height and 17mm in width. They can be stamped on both sides although take note that opposite side can have slight indentation visible.

Oval Pendant


If round isn’t your thing and you love the idea of ovals this is the listing for you. Giving you the freedom to get stamped short ways or long ways, with or without design stamping and ability to stamp on BOTH sides. These measure 21mm in height and 18mm in width.

Small Offset Pendant


These Small Offsets are the perfect pieces to add to your existing necklace or by adding one of our Build Your Own Necklace chains for a complete new look!!

Available in IP Rose, IP Gold and Silver. These are approximately 24mm and they’re nice and thick at 2.5mm so can be stamped on BOTH sides. Ready to just slide on and off necklaces with no jumpring or attachment needed.

Small Pendant


Small round pendants are easy to write a few words or minimal words on. Either way they look great measuring in at 20mm. They have proved popular for having names stamped along the edging, small quotes stamped across them, partners names, last names… absolutely everything and anything. Please keep in mind that these can only be stamped on one side.