YA-YA …. Why did we name it the YA-YA? Did you know there is “sisterhood” and Ya-Ya is a group of three or more women whose hearts and souls are joined together by laughter and tears shared through the glorious journey of life! Cool Huh?! What do the three hearts mean to you? As you can see from the pictured stamped necklace (which is mine! YAY! and I happen to have three kids all with 5 letters in their name so it fits beautifully!) but the point of my spill is that we are limited to characters that we can fit on these cute little hearts. I went with all lowercase Fornax font to keep it quite uniform. Longer names we could fit more characters in small block font but rest assured I will always contact you if your chosen stamping won’t fit the way you’d like it to and don’t forget to state the location of the stamping. We can go upwards, across or we can just do initals. The choice is YOURS! GO for it.

Available in IP Rose, IP Gold and Stainless Silver; total pendant length of the three hearts is 35mm long and 12mm high, each heart is approximately 12mm x 12mm. Attached to an 18″ chain.


  • Please state all specifics; location, capital letters, numbers, dots, symbols e.g. Heath (heart). Please write the word BLANK if you would like no stamping.

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